Crimpers, Applicators, Presses - Accessories

DatasheetImageM-Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionQuantityEst. Market PriceMin. QuantitySeriesPart StatusAccessory TypeFor Use With Related Products
Product Image 0638190075Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-00001 Minimum: 1Micro-Fit 3.0ActiveLocator63819-0000
Product Image 5019024-3TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsSCREW, SELF-TAP, HI-LO TYPE, CRO1 Minimum: 1-ActiveScrews-
Product Image 21045-6TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsRING,RETAINING,EXT CRESCENT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveRetaining Ring-
Product Image 23241-6TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsBALL, STEEL1 Minimum: 1-ActiveSteel Ball-
Product Image 1-22279-3TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsSPRING,COMPRESSION1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCompression Spring2151741
Product Image 5-22278-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsSPRING,COMPRESSION1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCompression Spring-
Product Image 0638190975Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-09001 Minimum: 1Mini-Fit JrActiveLocator63819-0900
Product Image 0690081093Molex, LLCTOOL INSERTION BLADE1 Minimum: 1PicoflexActiveInsertion BladeHand Crimper
Product Image 734024-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsADAPTER MICRO MATCH1 Minimum: 1Micro-MaTchActiveAdapter-
Product Image 0638007900Molex, LLCTOOL PRESS SHUT HEIGHT GAUGE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveShut Height GaugeBench Press
Product Image 768340-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsTOOL KIT UNIV HAND AMPLATCH1 Minimum: 1AMP-LatchActiveTooling Kit-
Product Image 0638100105Molex, LLCRATCHET SPRING FOR 06382339001 Minimum: 1-ActiveSpring0638233900
Product Image 0638100104Molex, LLCRETURN SPRING FOR 06382339001 Minimum: 1-ActiveSpring0638233900
Product Image 312140-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsKEY FOR PISTOL CRIMP TOOL1 Minimum: 1-Active--
Product Image WC490/491PFLAPLOCATORJST Sales America Inc.FLAP LOCATOR FOR WC-4901 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorWC-490, WC-491
Product Image WC260PFLAPJST Sales America Inc.TOOL CRIMP WC-260 FLAP LOCATOR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorWC-260
Product Image WC610620PFLAPJST Sales America Inc.LOCATOR FLAP FOR WC-6101 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorWC-610M
Product Image WC240PFLAPJST Sales America Inc.TOOL CRIMP WC-240 FLAP LOCATOR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorWC-240
Product Image WC110PFLAPJST Sales America Inc.TOOL FLAP LOCATOR WC-1101 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorWC-110
Product Image 0638100102Molex, LLCLOCATOR BASE FOR 6381152001 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator BaseHand Crimper
Product Image 0640161800Molex, LLCTERM HOLDER ASSY FOR 64016-02001 Minimum: 1Mini-Fit Jr, Mini-Fit HCSActiveTerminal HolderCrimp Pins and Sockets
Product Image 0638190475Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator63819-0400
Product Image 0638118775Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 1PremiumGrade, C-Grid SLActiveLocator63811-8700
Product Image 0638191375Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-13001 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator63819-1300
Product Image 0638191075Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator63819-1000
Product Image 0638100103Molex, LLCREPAIR KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveRepair Kit-
Product Image 0638190375Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-03001 Minimum: 1PicoBladeActiveLocator63819-0300
Product Image 0638118275Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 1PremiumGradeActiveLocator63811-2800
Product Image 0638192975Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator63819-2900
Product Image 063827-1475Molex, LLCREPLAEMENT LOCATOR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator63827-1400, 63827-1500
Product Image 0638190575Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-05001 Minimum: 1Mi II 50212, Micro-Latch, SherlockActiveLocator63819-0500
Product Image 0638190875Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-08001 Minimum: 1KK 5274ActiveLocator63819-0800
Product Image 0638190175Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-01001 Minimum: 1MicroBlade, Milli-GridActiveLocator63819-0100
Product Image 0638191575Molex, LLCLOCATOR FOR TOOL 63819-15001 Minimum: 1PremiumGradeActiveLocatorHand Crimper
Product Image 38283MBLADE FOR 3829 1BAG=2BLADES1 Minimum: 1MDRActiveBlade3829-ND
Product Image 0638190275Molex, LLCLOCATOR ASSEMBLY FOR 63819-02001 Minimum: 1C-Grid IIIActiveLocator63819-0200
Product Image 0638258175Molex, LLCREPLACEMENT LOCATOR1 Minimum: 1PremiumGradeActiveLocator63825-0100
Product Image 454276-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsFLOATING SHEAR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveFloating Shear-
Product Image 1214310-1TE Connectivity AMP ConnectorsLOCATOR SUB-ASSEMBLY FOR 58448-21 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocatorA9990-ND
Product Image 3442-93MTOOL PLATEN ASSEMBLY1 Minimum: 18200ActiveGuide Plate3443 Locator Plate
Product Image MKDP64671JST Sales America Inc.REPLACEMENT PART FOR CRIMP DIE1 Minimum: 1-Active--
Product Image AP105-DF11-2428S(64)Hirose Electric Co LtdTOOL APPLICATOR DF11 ACCESSORIES1 Minimum: 1DF11ActiveAnvilAP105-DF11-2428S
Product Image 0634463208Molex, LLCPUNCH1 Minimum: 1-ActivePunch-
Product Image 0634440802Molex, LLCPUNCH1 Minimum: 1-ActivePunch-
Product Image 0634450821Molex, LLCCOMBINATION ANVIL1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAnvil-
Product Image 0634441421Molex, LLCPUNCH1 Minimum: 1-ActivePunch-
Product Image MKDP63821JST Sales America Inc.REPLACEMENT PART FOR CRIMP DIE1 Minimum: 1-Active--
Product Image 09990000531HARTINGTOOL LOCATOR M12 CRIMP1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator09990000501
Product Image 0638113770Molex, LLCTOOL KIT FOR 500791 Minimum: 1-ActiveTooling Kit63811-0000
Product Image 3443-943MLOCATOR PLATE SOCKET 30001 Minimum: 1-ActiveLocator Plate3316, 3335, 3640