Soldering, Desoldering, Rework Products

Holders, Stands

DatasheetImageM-Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionQuantityEst. Market PriceMin. QuantitySeriesPart StatusTypeFor Use With Related ProductsIncludes
Product Image 17530Aven ToolsSLDRNG IRON STND W/TIP CLNR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveIron-Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image PH60Apex Tool GroupIRON STAND FOR WP SERIES1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWP25, WP30, WP35 Soldering IronsSponge
Product Image T0051517599NApex Tool GroupSOLDERING IRON SAFETY REST1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWP65, WP80, WP120, WSP80Sponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051512199NApex Tool GroupIRON STAND W/BRASS CURLS1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWSP80Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051514699NApex Tool GroupSTAND FOR WMRT DESOLDER TWEEZER1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveTweezer0051317399Sponge
Product Image T0051515699NApex Tool GroupHOLDER & SPONGE WDH50-SLD PENCIL1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIron0052917199Sponge
Product Image T0051512299NApex Tool GroupIRON STAND W/SPONGE FOR WMP1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWMPSponge
Product Image T0051515299NApex Tool GroupHOLDER & SPONGE WDH301 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIron0052917099Sponge
Product Image T0051516999NApex Tool GroupSAFETY REST WDH60 FOR WXMT1 Minimum: 1Weller®, WDH60ActiveIronWXMT TweezersBrass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051517499NApex Tool GroupSOLDERING IRON SAFETY REST1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWTP90 Soldering PencilSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051517699NApex Tool GroupSOLDERING IRON SAFETY REST1 Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWP200, WSP150Sponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image 371PanaviseSOLDERING IRON HOLDER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveIron-2 Sponges
Product Image SD1Apex Tool GroupIRON STAND STAMPED ALUMINUM1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIron--
Product Image TC204Apex Tool GroupIRON HOLDER WITH FUNNEL1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronEC1201 Irons, TC201 Irons, DS101 Irons-
Product Image PH100Apex Tool GroupIRON HOLDER FOR W100PG1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronW100PGSponge
Product Image PH50Apex Tool GroupIRON HOLDER FOR PES50/51 A1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronPES50, PES51Sponge
Product Image T8000Apex Tool GroupSOLDERING IRON HOLDER GENERIC1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1*Active---
Product Image KDS816Apex Tool GroupSYRINGE HOLDER STAND1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveSyringeKDS808, KDS834 and KDS824 Series Shot Meters-
Product Image 9800Apex Tool GroupSOLDERING IRON HOLDER MICRO1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronMicro-Size Soldering IronsSponge
Product Image PH1301ESDApex Tool GroupMINI IRON HOLDER ESD SAFE1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronWeller® EC1302A, WM120Sponge
Product Image T0051504299NApex Tool GroupAK 51 SUPPORT FOR WTA 501 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveTweezerWTA 50 TweezersSponge
Product Image T0058757898NApex Tool GroupHOLDER RECLINED FOR HAP 31 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-Active---
Product Image T0051517799Apex Tool GroupWSR 203 SAFETY REST FOR WMRT1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveTweezerWMRTSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051517999Apex Tool GroupWSR 205 SAFETY REST FOR WMRP1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWMRPSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051515399NApex Tool GroupHOLDER & SPONGE WDH40-DESLD IRON1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIron, DesolderingDXV80Sponge
Product Image T0051516299NApex Tool GroupHOLDER STOP&GO W/SPONGE WHD20T1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWMPSponge
Product Image T0051515499NApex Tool GroupSTAND SS STORE NOZZLE WRK REWORK1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveReworkWRK Rework Kit-
Product Image T0051517299NApex Tool GroupWDH 70 SAFETY REST FOR WXDP 1201 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronWeller® WXDP120, DSX120-
Product Image T0051516199NApex Tool GroupHOLDER STOP&GO W/SPONGE WHD10T1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®ActiveIronWSP80Sponge
Product Image T0051515899NApex Tool GroupSAFETY REST WDH31 WP200 & WXP2001 Non-Stock Minimum: 1Weller®, WDH31ActiveIronWP200, WXP200 PencilsBrass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051517199NApex Tool GroupWDH 51 SAFETY REST FOR WXMP1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIronWXMPBrass Cleaning Pad
Product Image T0051516172NApex Tool GroupWDH 10T OPTO STOP/GO SUPPORT1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-Active---
Product Image T0051504599NApex Tool GroupAK 10 SUPPORT ANTISTATIC1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIron--
Product Image 404060000Seeed Technology Co., LtdMINI SOLDERING IRON STAND1 000 Non-Stock Minimum: 1 000-ActiveIronPortable ToolkitSponge
Product Image WPH80Apex Tool GroupSOLDER PENCIL STANDObsolete-Weller®Obsolete-WS80, WSD80 Silver Series Soldering Stations-
Product Image WMPHApex Tool GroupIRON STAND FOR WMP SERIESObsolete-Weller®ObsoleteIronWMP Micro Soldering Pencil-
Product Image WPH81Apex Tool GroupIRON STAND FOR WSP80 PENCILObsolete-Weller®Obsolete-MSP80 Series Soldering Pencil-
Product Image 0051514599Apex Tool GroupIRON STAND W/SPONGE FOR WMRPObsolete-Weller®ObsoleteIron0052917199Sponge
Product Image T0051503399Apex Tool GroupHOLDER & SPONGE KH25P SLD PENCILObsolete-Weller®ObsoleteIronMPR Soldering PencilSponge
Product Image SHH-1MENDA/EasyBraidWORKSTAND--EBDiscontinued atIron-Sponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-2MENDA/EasyBraidWORKSTAND W/CONNECTION CABLE---Discontinued atIronEB-5000SSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-1-UPGMENDA/EasyBraidSLEEP WORKSTND UPGRD KT EB-9000S---Discontinued at---
Product Image SHH-3MENDA/EasyBraidDESOLDERING GUN WORKSTAND---Discontinued atIron, DesolderingEB-2000S, EB-5000S, EB-9000SBrass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-4MENDA/EasyBraidWORKSTAND W/CONN CABLE---Discontinued atIronEB-2000SSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-MTZMENDA/EasyBraidTWEEZER WORKSTAND - EB-9000S---Discontinued atIronEB-9000SSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-TTZMENDA/EasyBraidTWEEZER WORKSTAND - EB-5000S---Discontinued atIronEB5000SSponge and Brass Cleaning Pad
Product Image SHH-KTZMENDA/EasyBraidTWEEZER WORKSTAND - EB-2000S--*Discontinued at---
Product Image SHH-5MENDA/EasyBraidWORKSTAND W/CONN CABLE---Discontinued at---
Product Image 17531Aven ToolsSOLDERING IRON STANDObsolete--ObsoleteIron-Sponge
Product Image 17533Aven ToolsSOLDERING IRON STAND 2POSObsolete--ObsoleteIron-Sponge