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Evaluation Boards - DC/DC & AC/DC (Off-Line) SMPS

DatasheetImageM-Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionQuantityEst. Market PriceMin. QuantitySeriesPart StatusMain PurposeOutputsand TypePower OutputVoltage OutputCurrent OutputVoltage InputRegulator TopologyFrequency SwitchingBoard TypeSupplied ContentsUtilized ICPart
Product Image PI3740-00-EVAL1Vicor CorporationEVALUATION BOARD FOR PI3740-00-L1 Minimum: 1Cool-Power®ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down-60W24V-8 V ~ 60 VBuck-Boost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)PI3740-00
Product Image DC2017ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesEVAL BOARD FOR LTM80551 Minimum: 1µModule®ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated-12V6A5 V ~ 36 VBuck-Boost600kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LTM8055
Product Image LM27403EVM-POL600Texas InstrumentsBOARD EVAL LM274031 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-1.8V30A4.5 V ~ 20 VBuck600kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LM27403
Product Image SI3402BISO-EVBSilicon LabsBOARD EVAL POE ISOL FOR SI34021 Minimum: 1-ActiveSpecial Purpose DC/DC, Power Over Ethernet1, Isolated-5V-44 V ~ 57 VFlyback350kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)Si3402-B
Product Image DC1602ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesEVAL BOARD BUCK REG LT37411 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-6V20A12 V ~ 24 VBuck420kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LT3741
Product Image TDHBG2500P100-KITTransphorm2.5KW HB, BUCK OR BOOST EVAL KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC Converter1, Non-Isolated2,5kW-16.5A-Boost, Buck, Half-Bridge-Fully PopulatedBoard(s), Power SupplyTPH3212PS
Product Image DFR0379DFRobot20W ADJUSTABLE DC-DC BUCK CONVER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated20W1.25 V ~ 37 V3A4 V ~ 40 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)LM2596
Product Image DFR0123DFRobotDC-DC BOOST CONVERTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated15W3.7 V ~ 34 V-3.7 V ~ 34 VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)LM2577
Product Image DFR0205DFRobotDC-DC POWER MODULE 25W1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated25W5V5A3.6 V ~ 25 VBuck350kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)GS2678
Product Image PRT-10255SparkFun ElectronicsLIPOWER - BOOST CONVERTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated-3.3V or 5V600mA0.3 V ~ 5.5 VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS61200
Product Image 2465Adafruit Industries LLCBOARD PWRBOOST1000 5V LIPO USB1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-5.2V1A3.7VBoost700kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS61090
Product Image DC2244ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesDEMO BOARD FOR LTM80491 Minimum: 1µModule®ActiveDC/DC, Positive and Negative1, Non-Isolated-±12V1A, 1A2.8 V ~ 18 VSEPIC, Inverting1MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LTM8049
Product Image DC1900ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesDEMO BOARD LTM4644 QUAD REG1 Minimum: 1µModule®ActiveDC/DC, Step Down4, Non-Isolated-1.2V, 1.5V, 2.5V, 3.3V4A, 4A, 4A, 4A4 V ~ 14 VBuck1MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LTM4644
Product Image CM3XP PowerEVALUATION BOARD C SERIES1 Minimum: 1CActiveDC/DC Converter-------Partially PopulatedBoard(s)C Series
Product Image 3661Adafruit Industries LLCMINIBOOST 5V AP3602A1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-5V100mA3 V ~ 5 VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)AP3602A
Product Image 2190Adafruit Industries LLCBOARD CONVERTER 5V USB BUCK BST1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated-5.2V1A3 V ~ 12 VBuck-Boost2.4MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS63060
Product Image 1385Adafruit Industries LLCUBEC DC/DC STEP-DOWN (BUCK) CONV1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-5V3A6 V ~ 16 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)MP2307
Product Image 1944Adafruit Industries LLCRECHARGEABLE 5V LIPO USB BOOST1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-5.2V500mA3.7VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS61090
Product Image 2030Adafruit Industries LLC5V USB BOOST 1000MA FROM 1.8V1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-5.2V1A1.8 V ~ 5 VBoost600kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS61030
Product Image MIKROE-482MikroElektronikaBOARD UNI-REG LM25761 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-1.8V, 2.7V, 3.3V, 4V, 5V or 12V3A7 ~ 23 VAC, 9 V ~ 32 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)LM2576
Product Image STEVAL-ILL069V1STMicroelectronicsEVAL BOARD HVLED001 FLYBACK1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side1, Isolated-48V730mA90 ~ 305 VACFlyback-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)HVLED001
Product Image 24646RVicor CorporationMICRO MODULE EVALUATION BOARD1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC Converter-------Partially PopulatedBoard(s)-
Product Image EPC9131EPCEVAL BOARD FOR EPC21121 Minimum: 1eGaN®ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated27W19V1.42A14 V ~ 48 VBuck-Boost, SEPIC300kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)EPC2112
Product Image CS-SNAPVCC-01Crowd Supply, Inc.SNAPVCC 9V BATTERY TO 3.3V/5V1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-3.3V or 5V500mA9VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS560200
Product Image EVB-EM2030L01QIIntelEVAL BOARD EM2030L01QI1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down--0.5 V ~ 1.325 V30A4.5 V ~ 16 VBuck800kHz-Board(s)EM2030L01QI
Product Image EVB-EM2120L01QIIntelEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2120L01QI1 Minimum: 1Enpirion®ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0.7 V ~ 1.325 V20A4.5 V ~ 16 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)EM2120L01QI
Product Image EVB-EM2140P01QIIntelEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2140P01QI1 Minimum: 1Enpirion®ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0.7 V ~ 1.325 V40A4.5 V ~ 16 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)EM2140P01QI
Product Image EVB-EM2260P01QIIntelEVAL BOARD FOR EM2260P01QI1 Minimum: 1Enpirion®ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-0.5 V ~ 1.3 V60A4.5 V ~ 16 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)EM2260P01QI
Product Image IW1818-EVALDialog Semiconductor GmbHEVB 10W SINGLE-OUTPUT PWR SUPPLY1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side1, Isolated10W5V2A90 ~ 264 VACFlyback72kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)iW1818-00
Product Image EVL6566B-65W-QRSTMicroelectronicsBOARD EVAL SMPS FOR L6566B1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side1, Isolated65W19V3.42A90 ~ 264 VACFlyback165kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)L6566B
Product Image IW1830-EVALDialog Semiconductor GmbHEVB 15W DUAL-OUTPUT PWR SUPPLY1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side2, Isolated15W5V, 12V1A, 500mA90 ~ 264 VACFlyback72kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)iW1830-00
Product Image TPS63070EVM-693Texas InstrumentsBUCK-BOOST CONVERTER EVAL MODULE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated-5V2A2 V ~ 16 VBuck-Boost2.4MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS63070
Product Image TPS61021EVM-723Texas InstrumentsEVALUATION MODULE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-3.3V2.3A0.9 V ~ 3.2 VBoost2MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS61021
Product Image LM5145EVM-HD-20ATexas InstrumentsEVAL BOARD FOR LM51451 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-5V20A24 V ~ 72 VBuck220kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LM5145
Product Image LM5170EVM-BIDIRTexas InstrumentsEVAL BOARD FOR LM5170-Q11 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down2, Non-Isolated-14.5V, 50.5V60A3 V ~ 48 V, 6 V ~ 75 VBoost, Buck100kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LM5170-Q1
Product Image DC2129ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesDEMO BOARD FOR LTC31191 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up or Down1, Non-Isolated-5V5A2.5 V ~ 18 VBuck-Boost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)LTC3119
Product Image DC2317ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesLTC7103 DEMO BOARD VIN = 5V TO 11 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-5V2.3A5 V ~ 100 VBuck400kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LTC7103
Product Image DC2468ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesDEMO BOARD FOR LT8645S1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-5V8A5.6 V ~ 65 VBuck2MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LT8645S
Product Image DC2117ALinear Technology/Analog DevicesDEMO BOARD FOR LTC3895EFE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-12V5A14 V ~ 130 VBuck150kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LTC3895
Product Image TDINV1000P100-KITTransphorm1KW INVERTER EVALUATION KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/AC Converter1, Isolated1kW-10A-Inverting100kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s), Power SupplyTPH3206PSB
Product Image TDINV3500P100-KITTransphorm3.5KW INVERTER EVAL KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/AC Converter1, Isolated3,5kW--750V-100kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TP90H180PS
Product Image TDTTP2500P100-KITTransphorm2.5KW TOTEM-POLE PFC EVAL KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side and PFC1, Non-Isolated2,5kW390V-85 ~ 265 VAC-100kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPH3212PS
Product Image TDTTP4000W066B-KITTransphorm4KW TOTEM-POLE PFC EVAL KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAC/DC, Primary Side and PFC1, Non-Isolated4kW390V15A90 ~ 265 VAC-66kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s), Power SupplyTP65H035WS
Product Image MAXREFDES33#Maxim IntegratedREFERENCE DESIGN PALO VERDE1 Minimum: 1HimalayaActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-3.3V300mA4.5 V ~ 60 VBuck500kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)MAX15062
Product Image FIT0471DFRobotDC-DC BOOST MODULE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-5V600mA0.9 V ~ 5 VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)CE8301
Product Image PRT-10967SparkFun ElectronicsSPARKFUN 3.3V STEP-UP BREAKOUT -1 Minimum: 1-ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-3.3V200mA1 V ~ 3 VBoost-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)NCP1402
Product Image TPS5430EVM-342Texas InstrumentsEVAL MOD FOR TPS5430-3421 Minimum: 1SWIFT™ActiveDC/DC, Negative Inverter1, Non-Isolated--5V2.25A10.8 V ~ 19.8 VInverting500kHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)TPS5430
Product Image LMR62421XSDDEMO/NOPBTexas InstrumentsBOARD DEMO FOR LMR62421XSD1 Minimum: 1SIMPLE SWITCHER®ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-12V500mA2.7 V ~ 5.5 VBoost1.6MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LMR62421
Product Image LMR62014XMFDEMO/NOPBTexas InstrumentsBOARD DEMO FOR LMR62014XMF1 Minimum: 1SIMPLE SWITCHER®ActiveDC/DC, Step Up1, Non-Isolated-12V450mA2.7 V ~ 12 VBoost1.6MHzFully PopulatedBoard(s)LMR62014
Product Image LMZ21700EVMTexas InstrumentsEVAL BOARD FOR LMZ217001 Minimum: 1SIMPLE SWITCHER®ActiveDC/DC, Step Down1, Non-Isolated-3.3V650mA5 V ~ 17 VBuck-Fully PopulatedBoard(s)LMZ21700