Industrial Automation and Controls


DatasheetImageM-Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionQuantityEst. Market PriceMin. QuantitySeriesPart StatusAccessory TypeFor Use With Related Products
Product Image SE-TA6ALittelfuse Inc.TERMINATION ASSEMBLY 50W1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 84150202CrouzetPNEUM ACCESS INDICATOR GREEN1 Minimum: 1-ActiveIndicator-
Product Image ANUJ6220Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales1.7 M CABLE1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image SE-CS30-26Littelfuse Inc.XFMR CURRENT 600:1 26MM ID1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image US08Omron Automation and SafetySOCKET BACK MOUNT FOR E5C21 Minimum: 1-ActiveSocket-
Product Image SL-CH21Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales2-CH INPUT UNIT (NPN)1 Minimum: 1-ActiveInput, Output UnitS-Link
Product Image 1210120107Molex, LLCMICRO BASE 3 POLE+EARTH1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120025Molex, LLCFORM A 2 POLES + EARTH1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120162Molex, LLCDIN WITH BASE B143000W2SA BRAD E1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210130233Molex, LLCMPM DIN BASE, FORM A, B28 BASE,1 Minimum: 1121013ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120007Molex, LLCB143 BASE 3 POLE + EARTH1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120013Molex, LLCSTD. BASE 2 POLE+EARTH FLAT1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120019Molex, LLCSTD. BASE 3 POLE+EARTH FLAT1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120071Molex, LLCSTD. BASE 2 POLE+EARTH FLAT1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120099Molex, LLCSTD. BASE 3 POLE+EARTH FLAT1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120009Molex, LLCB152 SERIES BASE1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120173Molex, LLCB142 BASE 2P+T BLACK V0 BRAD EXP1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 2907761Phoenix ContactHOUSING UPPER FOR PCB TERM BLOCK1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 1210130199Molex, LLCDIN 18MM 2P+GND1 Minimum: 1121013ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120047Molex, LLCFORM B INDUSTRIAL1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120175Molex, LLCB26 BASE 3 P+E BK UL NBR FLAT+SC1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120120Molex, LLC3 POLE & EARTH BASE+FIX RING1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image 1210120121Molex, LLCPG09 ROUND BASE 3 POLE+EARTH1 Minimum: 1121012ActiveConnector-
Product Image SE-TA6-SMLittelfuse Inc.STUD-MOUNT TERMINATION1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image PGA-0500Littelfuse Inc.ANALOG METER1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 81513059CrouzetPNEUM LED BRACKET 230V1 Non-Stock Minimum: 1-ActiveIndicatorSolenoid Valve
Product Image 2754367Phoenix ContactREPLACEMENT MODULE1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveReplacement ModuleInline Series
Product Image 2761266Phoenix ContactINTERFACE CONVERT 9ML-15ML DSUB1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveConversion UnitInline Series
Product Image Y92F-30Omron Automation and SafetyADAPTER PANEL MNT FOR H3CR/H5CX1 Minimum: 1-ActivePanel Mount Adapter, FrameMultiple Series
Product Image 2885359Phoenix ContactPOWER MODULE 24VDC1 Minimum: 1InlineActivePower Supply ModuleInline Series
Product Image 2313672Phoenix ContactCONN DSUB 9POS MALE R/A1 Minimum: 1-ActiveConnector-
Product Image 8611320000WeidmullerRS RJ 45 8 POLE INTERFACE1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image ATC18001Panasonic Industrial Automation SalesSTOP RING/SETTING RING 2SET1 Minimum: 1-ActiveSet RingMultiple Series
Product Image 79452133CrouzetPNEUM LEVER ADJ STEEL ROD1 Minimum: 1-ActiveLever, Rod-
Product Image Y92A-48F1Omron Automation and SafetyCOVER PROTECTIVE SOFT 48MM IP54P1 Minimum: 1H5CXActiveCoverH5CX-B
Product Image 2938235Phoenix ContactUNIVERSAL WALL ADAPTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveAdapter-
Product Image E54-CT1Omron Automation and SafetyTRANSFORMER CURRNT 50A E5AK/E5CK1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCurrent TransformerE5AK/E5CK
Product Image 2313708Phoenix Contact9POS DSUB ML CONNECTOR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveConnector-
Product Image 81512201CrouzetPNEUM POSITION DETECTOR W-BALL1 Minimum: 1-ActivePosition DetectorPneumatic Amplifier
Product Image PGMMOD00Red Lion ControlsIAMS PROGRAMMING MODULE1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 2760623Phoenix ContactRS-485T DISTRIBUTOR 9POS DSUB1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveRS-485 Communications UnitInline Series
Product Image SFC-WY1Panasonic Industrial Automation SalesWIRE-SAVING Y-SHAPED CONNECTOR1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 2944533Phoenix ContactEMG30-S2/16A1 Minimum: 1VariofaceActiveSwitching ModuleVarioface Series
Product Image SF2B-CCB7Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales8-CORE BOTTOM CAP CABLE CABLE 7M1 Minimum: 1SF2BActiveCable Assembly-
Product Image SF2B-CCB10Panasonic Industrial Automation SalesCABLE W/DISCRETE WIRE CABLE 10M1 Minimum: 1SF2BActiveCable Assembly-
Product Image ANUJ6270Panasonic Industrial Automation Sales7.0 M CABLE1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image 2810243Phoenix ContactANALOG FREQ TRANSDUCER DIN RAIL1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveFrequency TransducerInline Series
Product Image 2864480Phoenix ContactLIMIT VALUE SWITCH1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveLimit Value SwitchInline Series
Product Image SL-WYPanasonic Industrial Automation SalesSPLIT CONNECTOR1 Minimum: 1-ActiveConnectorS-Link
Product Image 2750154Phoenix ContactTERMINAL MODULE 8POS1 Minimum: 1InlineActiveCommunications UnitInline Series