Embedded Computers


DatasheetImageM-Part NumberManufacturerDescriptionQuantityEst. Market PriceMin. QuantitySeriesPart StatusAccessory TypeSpecifications
Product Image EDMCONNECTORKITWandboard.OrgKIT EDM CONN/STANDOFF/SCREWS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveKitEDM Connectors, Standoffs and Screws - 10 Sets
Product Image VL-MM9-4EBNVersaLogic CorporationDRAM SODIMM DDR3L 4GB PC3-128001 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module4GB (512Mx64) DDR3 SDRAM
Product Image VL-PS-ATX12-300AVersaLogic Corporation1U SIZE ATX12V POWER SUPPLY1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardwareATX12 Power Supply
Product Image VL-MM9-8EBNVersaLogic Corporation8GB PC3-12800 SODIMM DDR3L, ET1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module8GB (1Gx64) DDR3 SDRAM
Product Image VL-MM7-4EBNVersaLogic Corporation4GB DDR3 CLASS 2 EXT TEMP ROHS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module4GB (512Mx64) DDR3 SDRAM
Product Image VL-CKR-BLACKBIRDVersaLogic CorporationBLACKBIRD CABLE KIT1 Minimum: 1BlackbirdActiveCable Kit-
Product Image VL-MM7-2SBNVersaLogic Corporation2GB DDR3 CLASS 2 STD TEMP ROHS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module2GB (256Mx64) DDR3 SDRAM
Product Image VL-CBR-2014VersaLogic CorporationLVDS TO VGA ADAPTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableLVDS to VGA Adapter Board
Product Image VL-CBR-4005VersaLogic CorporationI/O CABLE ASSEMBLY, EPM-19, EPM-1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable12" 2mm Latching 40-Pin to 40-Pin
Product Image VL-HDW-101VersaLogic Corporation4 SCREWS, NUTS&STEEL STAND-OFFS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardwareMetric Standoff Package
Product Image VL-CF-CLIP1VersaLogic Corporation10 PACK CF RETENSION CLIPS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveClipsCompactFlash Retention Clip
Product Image VL-F20-8SBNVersaLogic Corporation8GB DISKONMODULE STD TEMP1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module8GB Flash
Product Image VL-CFA-2AVersaLogic CorporationSATA BASED COMPACT FLASH ADAPTER--ObsoleteMemory ModuleCompactFlash Adapter (SATA)
Product Image VL-1260VersaLogic Corporation12BIT STD ANALOG INPUT CARD--ObsoleteAnalog Input Card12-Bit Analog Input Card for the STD Bus
Product Image VL-MM8-2SBNVersaLogic Corporation2GB, DDR2 STD TEMP ROHS--ObsoleteMemory Module2GB (256Mx64) DDR2 SDRAM
Product Image VL-CKR-FALC-LVersaLogic CorporationCABLE KIT FOR EPU-2610 LATCHING1 Minimum: 1FalconActiveCable Kit-
Product Image VL-CBR-1204VersaLogic CorporationINTERFACE CBL 12PICO CLASP-15VGA1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableVGA Interface Cable, 12-Pin PicoClasp Cable to 15-Pin VGA
Product Image VL-CBR-0804VersaLogic Corporation12 ETHERNET ADAPTER CABLE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable12" Ethernet Cable - Rugged Latching
Product Image VL-CKR-OSPREYVersaLogic CorporationCABLE KIT FOR OSPREY EPU-33101 Minimum: 1OspreyActiveCable Kit-
Product Image VL-CKR-LIONVersaLogic CorporationCABLE KIT FOR EPME-42 (LION)1 Minimum: 1LionActiveCable Kit-
Product Image VL-CKR-BAYCATVersaLogic CorporationCABLE KIT FOR EPM-311 Minimum: 1BayCatActiveCable Kit-
Product Image VL-MPES-F1E32VersaLogic Corporation32 GB MSATA DRIVE MINIPCIE IT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory Module32GB mSATA Drive, Mini PCIe Module, Industrial Temp
Product Image VL-HDW-108VersaLogic Corporation10 PACK NYLON SCREWS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardwareNylon Screw Kit (Metric Thread)
Product Image VL-HDW-111VersaLogic CorporationHALF TO FULL MINIPCIE ADAPTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardwareHalf-Sized Hardware Kit. Half to Full-Sized Metal Adapter and Screws (2)
Product Image VL-HDW-406VersaLogic CorporationACCY EPME-30 PASSIVE HEAT SINK1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHeat SinkPassive, Heat Plate Mount
Product Image VL-CBR-0203VersaLogic CorporationACCY CBL 6" 2PIN LATCH BATT MOD1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable2-pin Latching Battery Module, 6"
Product Image VL-CBR-1201VersaLogic Corporation12-PIN 2 MM LATCH/15-PIN VGA1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable12-Pin 2mm Latching / 15-Pin VGA Adapter Cable
Product Image VL-CBR-1014VersaLogic Corporation12 1MM 10PIN DB9 CABLE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable12" Dual-Channel Serial Cable. Latching 10-Pin Connector to Dual D-sub (9-Pin)
Product Image VL-CBR-1008VersaLogic CorporationATX TO EPM POWER ADAPTER1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableATX Power Adapter Cable
Product Image VL-CBR-3003VersaLogic CorporationCBL LVDS 30PIN TO 20PIN 20"1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable20" 1-Ch LVDS 30-Pin JAE to 20-Pin JAE
Product Image VL-CBR-1604VersaLogic CorporationACCY CBL 12" 16P CLIK MATE-RJ-451 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableDual Ethernet Adapter Cable, Latching, 12"
Product Image VL-CBR-ANT03VersaLogic CorporationU.FL-RP-SMA FEMALE BULKHEAD 12"1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableActive Antenna with SMA Connector - Supports GPS and GLONASS Signals
Product Image VL-EPH-V6SAVersaLogic CorporationVIDEO DISPLAY CONVERTER1 Minimum: 1SumitActiveDisplay ConverterVideo Signal Converter. Mini-DisplayPort to LVDS
Product Image VL-CBR-2004VersaLogic Corporation20-PIN I/O CABLE ASSY, CBL1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableBreakout Cable and Paddleboard, 20-Pin
Product Image VL-PS200-ATXVersaLogic CorporationACCY POWER SUPPLY FOR DEV KIT1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardware200W ATX-Style Development Power Supply
Product Image VL-CBR-5015VersaLogic CorporationACCY I/O CABLE PADDLE BOARD1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableSystem I/O Paddleboard
Product Image VL-CKR-BENGALVersaLogic CorporationDEV CBL KIT SBC PCI/104 1.9GHZ1 Minimum: 1BengalActiveCable Kit-
Product Image RTC0003SolidRun LTDRTC BATTERY 3V COMM TEMP1 Minimum: 1-ActiveRTC Battery3V, 0.1 kg
Product Image 1700021565-01Advantech CorpCABLE DEBUG1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableDebug Cable
Product Image XYYU-120200UDOOPOWER ADAPTER PLUG US 12VDC 2A1 Minimum: 1*Active--
Product Image VL-HDW-105VersaLogic Corporation4 SCREWS, NUTS&BRASS STAND-OFFS1 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardware15.24mm Standoffs, Metric Thread (4)
Product Image PA00013SolidRun LTDPOWER ADAPTER 12VDC 1.5A EURO1 Minimum: 1-ActiveSwitching Power Supply100 ~ 240VAC 50/60Hz, 12VDC, 1.5A
Product Image WBENCLOSUREWandboard.OrgENCLOSURE1 Minimum: 1-ActiveEnclosure-
Product Image VL-HDW-412VersaLogic CorporationPASSIVE HEAT SINK FOR EPM-311 Minimum: 1-ActiveHeat SinkPassive, Heat Plate Mount
Product Image VL-HDW-405VersaLogic CorporationMOUNTING PLATE FOR EPU-26101 Minimum: 1-ActiveHardwareSecondary Mounting Plate
Product Image VL-CBR-2022VersaLogic CorporationATX-EBX/EPIC POWER SUPPLY ADAPT.1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableATX to 10-Pin Power Cable
Product Image ENC0001SolidRun LTDENCLOSURE HUMMINGBOARD1 Minimum: 1HummingBoard Edge/GateActiveEnclosureAluminum, 0.45 kg
Product Image VL-CBR-5013AVersaLogic CorporationCABLE CBR-5013 12 50-PIN1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCableSystem I/O Paddleboard
Product Image VL-CFM-1GBETVersaLogic Corporation1GB COMPACTFLASH MOD1 Minimum: 1-ActiveMemory ModuleCompactFlash Module
Product Image VL-CBR-0901VersaLogic CorporationACCY CBL 9" 9PIN PICO CLASP-SPX1 Minimum: 1-ActiveCable9-Pin Pico-Clasp to Dual SPX Cable 9"